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This past weekend marked the 3rd annual Krampusnact celebration in Chicago.  The party started with a costumed procession from Maria’s Packaged Goods to  The Co-Prosperity Sphere, a couple blocks away.  The place was packed with Krampus related art, games and costumed monsters artists like  EC Brown, Stephanie Burke, Justine Harlan, Angela Lopez, Celeste Neuhaus, Kevin Jennings,Continue Reading


Local artist’s EC Brown and Catie Olson hosted Krampusnacht ’13 at their home/studio/art space. There was lots of Krampus themed art, wintery grub, glogg, dancing and this photo booth where i got to photograph revelers. The guests were given the opportunity to sit on Krampus’ lap, receive swats from the demon’s broom or just haveContinue Reading