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jessica and brad002


jessica and brad001

jessica and brad003


jessica and brad008

jessica and brad007


jessica and brad009

jessica and brad011

jessica and brad010

jessica and brad014

jessica and brad013

jessica and brad017


jessica and brad018

jessica and brad020

jessica and brad022




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Bill and Meghan’s Wedding
Bottom Lounge


Bill and Meghan_blog0720

bill meghan0004

Bill and Meghan_blog0718

Bill and Meghan_blog0721

Bill and Meghan_blog0722Bill and Meghan_blog0724

Bill and Meghan_blog0725

Bill and Meghan_blog0726

Bill and Meghan_blog0727

Bill and Meghan_blog0730

Bill and Meghan_blog0731

Bill and Meghan_blog0734

Bill and Meghan_blog0736

Bill and Meghan_blog0739Bill and Meghan_blog0740

Bill and Meghan_blog0743

Bill and Meghan_blog0745

Bill and Meghan_blog0747

Bill and Meghan_blog0748

Bill and Meghan_blog0750

Bill and Meghan_blog0752

Bill and Meghan_blog0751

Bill and Meghan_blog0754

Bill and Meghan_blog0755Bill and Meghan_blog0757Bill and Meghan_blog0779

Bill and Meghan_blog0758

Bill and Meghan_blog0760

Bill and Meghan_blog0761Bill and Meghan_blog0762


Bill and Meghan_blog0763

Bill and Meghan_blog0771

Bill and Meghan_blog0772

Bill and Meghan_blog0769

Bill and Meghan_blog0766

Bill and Meghan_blog0775

Bill and Meghan_blog0777

Bill and Meghan_blog0774

Bill and Meghan_blog0770

Bill and Meghan_blog0776

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Stepanie and Johnno’s Wedding
Ace Hotel


Stephanie and Johnno_029

Stephanie and Johnno_028

Stephanie and Johnno_031

Stephanie and Johnno_001


Stephanie and Johnno_034

Stephanie and Johnno_005

Stephanie and Johnno_035

Stephanie and Johnno_002

steph and johnno0784Stephanie and Johnno_007


Stephanie and Johnno_011

Stephanie and Johnno_009

Stephanie and Johnno_012

Stephanie and Johnno_013

steph and johnno0785steph and johnno0787


Stephanie and Johnno_016Stephanie and Johnno_019

Stephanie and Johnno_018

Stephanie and Johnno_017

Stephanie and Johnno_020

Stephanie and Johnno_022

Stephanie and Johnno_023

Stephanie and Johnno_024

Stephanie and Johnno_026


steph and johnno0780 steph and johnno0781

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Stepanie and Johnno live in Australia. They were married here in Chicago and had a big welcome BBQ a couple days before their wedding. I got to photograph a backyard full of their Australian and local pals meeting, greeting and playing games. Here are a few highlights:



stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog001

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog012

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog005

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog007

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog009

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog021

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog013

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog024

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog019

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog018

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog027

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog029

stephanie and Johnno BBQ_Blog030


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SarahandBrian_009SarahandBrian_010 SarahandBrian_011 SarahandBrian_012 SarahandBrian_013 SarahandBrian_014 SarahandBrian_017 SarahandBrian_019 SarahandBrian_020 SarahandBrian_022 SarahandBrian_023 SarahandBrian_024 SarahandBrian_025 SarahandBrian_026 SarahandBrian_028 SarahandBrian_029 SarahandBrian_030 SarahandBrian_031 SarahandBrian_032 SarahandBrian_033 SarahandBrian_034 SarahandBrian_035 SarahandBrian_036 SarahandBrian_037 SarahandBrian_039 SarahandBrian_038 SarahandBrian_040 SarahandBrian_041 SarahandBrian_042 SarahandBrian_044 SarahandBrian_045 SarahandBrian_046 SarahandBrian_048 SarahandBrian_050 SarahandBrian_051 SarahandBrian_052 SarahandBrian_054 SarahandBrian_055 SarahandBrian_056 SarahandBrian_057 SarahandBrian_059 SarahandBrian_060 SarahandBrian_061 SarahandBrian_062 SarahandBrian_063 SarahandBrian_064 SarahandBrian_065 SarahandBrian_066 SarahandBrian_067

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dean and sarah02

dean and sarah07dean and sarah09

dean and sarah03

dean and sarah05

dean and sarah11

dean and sarah08

dean and sarah13

dean and sarah10

dean and sarah15

dean and sarah17

dean and sarah16

dean and sarah20

dean and sarah22

dean and sarah23

dean and sarah25

dean and sarah26dean and sarah27

dean and sarah28

dean and sarah31

dean and sarah30dean and sarah34

dean and sarah32

dean and sarah37

dean and sarah35

dean and sarah33

dean and sarah36dean and sarah40 dean and sarah39 dean and sarah38


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Katie_Brian_Blog26 Katie_Brian_Blog27 Katie_Brian_Blog28 Katie_Brian_Blog29 Katie_Brian_Blog30 Katie_Brian_Blog32 Katie_Brian_Blog33 Katie_Brian_Blog34 Katie_Brian_Blog35 Katie_Brian_Blog36 Katie_Brian_Blog37 Katie_Brian_Blog38 Katie_Brian_Blog39 Katie_Brian_Blog40 Katie_Brian_Blog41 Katie_Brian_Blog43 Katie_Brian_Blog44 Katie_Brian_Blog46 Katie_Brian_Blog49 Katie_Brian_Blog52 Katie_Brian_Blog53 Katie_Brian_Blog54 Katie_Brian_Blog55 Katie_Brian_Blog56 Katie_Brian_Blog57 Katie_Brian_Blog58 Katie_Brian_Blog59 Katie_Brian_Blog60 Katie_Brian_Blog61 Katie_Brian_Blog62 Katie_Brian_Blog63 Katie_Brian_Blog64 Katie_Brian_Blog65 Katie_Brian_Blog66 Katie_Brian_Blog68 Katie_Brian_Blog69 Katie_Brian_Blog70 Katie_Brian_Blog71


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I recently shot a few events for Freelance Wrestling/Freelance Underground Wrestling. They took place at Logan Square Auditorium and Baderbrau Brewery. Man-O-man! I was totally floored by the wrestler’s skills and found the whole thing to be so beautifully photogenic.   One of the most fun things I’ve ever shot and I can’t wait to do it again!



Wrestling0002 Wrestling0003 Wrestling0004 Wrestling0005 Wrestling0006 Wrestling0007 Wrestling0008 Wrestling0009 Wrestling0011 Wrestling0012 Wrestling0013 Wrestling0014 Wrestling0015 Wrestling0016 Wrestling0017 Wrestling0018 Wrestling0019 Wrestling0020 Wrestling0021

Wrestling0023 Wrestling0024 Wrestling0025 Wrestling0026 Wrestling0029 Wrestling0030 Wrestling0031 Wrestling0032

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Liz and Henry asked me to document their elopement at City Hall a few weeks ago.  We met up on a super sunny summer morning, lined up with the other soon-to-be newlyweds and filed into the office where the judge granted matrimonial magic.  Then we took a little walk down to Olive Park for a few portraits and called it a wedding.

Thanks for asking me to shoot your marrige Liz and Henry!


LIz and Henry 0003

LIz and Henry 0002

LIz and Henry 0004
LIz and Henry 0005
LIz and Henry 0007
LIz and Henry 0009
LIz and Henry 0008
LIz and Henry 0010
LIz and Henry 0013
LIz and Henry 0014
LIz and Henry 0016
LIz and Henry 0017
LIz and Henry 0018

LIz and Henry 0041LIz and Henry 0042

LIz and Henry 0023
LIz and Henry 0044LIz and Henry 0043

LIz and Henry 0034

LIz and Henry 0032

LIz and Henry 0028

LIz and Henry 0037

LIz and Henry 0038

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Ivy and Shannon got married at The Garfield Park Conservatory. The ceremony took place in the steamy fern room and then everybody was ready to party! @jawshuadrumms provided the karaoke jams and some sweet back-ups. This was one helluva fun wedding and I’m so glad to have been there! Thanks Ivy and Shannon!



Ivy and Shannon 0047
Ivy and Shannon 0005Ivy and Shannon 0004Ivy and Shannon 0006

Ivy and Shannon 0001Ivy and Shannon 0007

Ivy and Shannon 0008

Ivy and Shannon 0100
Ivy and Shannon 0013
Ivy and Shannon 0009

Ivy and Shannon 0018

Ivy and Shannon 0010

Ivy and Shannon 0011

 Ivy and Shannon 0101

Ivy and Shannon 0102

Ivy and Shannon 0014

Ivy and Shannon 0015

Ivy and Shannon 0016


Ivy and Shannon 0103

Ivy and Shannon 0104

Ivy and Shannon 0105 Ivy and Shannon 0106

Ivy and Shannon 0108



Ivy and Shannon 0116

Ivy and Shannon 0113

Ivy and Shannon 0114

Ivy and Shannon 0115

Ivy and Shannon 0112


Ivy and Shannon 0109

Ivy and Shannon 0110

Ivy and Shannon 0125

Ivy and Shannon 0126

Ivy and Shannon 0120

Ivy and Shannon 0118

Ivy and Shannon 0119

Ivy and Shannon 0121

Ivy and Shannon 0127

Ivy and Shannon 0128

Ivy and Shannon 0123

Ivy and Shannon 0129

Ivy and Shannon 0131

Ivy and Shannon 0133

Ivy and Shannon 0134

Ivy and Shannon 0137

Ivy and Shannon 0138

Ivy and Shannon 0139

Ivy and Shannon 0143

Ivy and Shannon 0144

Ivy and Shannon 0146


Ivy and Shannon 0148


Ivy and Shannon 0145

Ivy and Shannon 0117

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