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Posted on August 13, 2017    Tags: , , ,
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Liz and Henry asked me to document their elopement at City Hall a few weeks ago.  We met up on a super sunny summer morning, lined up with the other soon-to-be newlyweds and filed into the office where the judge granted matrimonial magic.  Then we took a little walk down to Olive Park for a few portraits and called it a wedding.

Thanks for asking me to shoot your marrige Liz and Henry!


LIz and Henry 0003

LIz and Henry 0002

LIz and Henry 0004
LIz and Henry 0005
LIz and Henry 0007
LIz and Henry 0009
LIz and Henry 0008
LIz and Henry 0010
LIz and Henry 0013
LIz and Henry 0014
LIz and Henry 0016
LIz and Henry 0017
LIz and Henry 0018

LIz and Henry 0041LIz and Henry 0042

LIz and Henry 0023
LIz and Henry 0044LIz and Henry 0043

LIz and Henry 0034

LIz and Henry 0032

LIz and Henry 0028

LIz and Henry 0037

LIz and Henry 0038


Ivy and Shannon got married at The Garfield Park Conservatory. The ceremony took place in the steamy fern room and then everybody was ready to party! @jawshuadrumms provided the karaoke jams and some sweet back-ups. This was one helluva fun wedding and I’m so glad to have been there! Thanks Ivy and Shannon!



Ivy and Shannon 0047
Ivy and Shannon 0005Ivy and Shannon 0004Ivy and Shannon 0006

Ivy and Shannon 0001Ivy and Shannon 0007

Ivy and Shannon 0008

Ivy and Shannon 0100
Ivy and Shannon 0013
Ivy and Shannon 0009

Ivy and Shannon 0018

Ivy and Shannon 0010

Ivy and Shannon 0011

 Ivy and Shannon 0101

Ivy and Shannon 0102

Ivy and Shannon 0014

Ivy and Shannon 0015

Ivy and Shannon 0016


Ivy and Shannon 0103

Ivy and Shannon 0104

Ivy and Shannon 0105 Ivy and Shannon 0106

Ivy and Shannon 0108



Ivy and Shannon 0116

Ivy and Shannon 0113

Ivy and Shannon 0114

Ivy and Shannon 0115

Ivy and Shannon 0112


Ivy and Shannon 0109

Ivy and Shannon 0110

Ivy and Shannon 0125

Ivy and Shannon 0126

Ivy and Shannon 0120

Ivy and Shannon 0118

Ivy and Shannon 0119

Ivy and Shannon 0121

Ivy and Shannon 0127

Ivy and Shannon 0128

Ivy and Shannon 0123

Ivy and Shannon 0129

Ivy and Shannon 0131

Ivy and Shannon 0133

Ivy and Shannon 0134

Ivy and Shannon 0137

Ivy and Shannon 0138

Ivy and Shannon 0139

Ivy and Shannon 0143

Ivy and Shannon 0144

Ivy and Shannon 0146


Ivy and Shannon 0148


Ivy and Shannon 0145

Ivy and Shannon 0117


Posted on May 20, 2017    Tags: , , ,
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Hilja and Zach got married at Room 1520 recently and whatta fun day it was!  We cruised around town in a limo, jumped out for pics at The Kinzie Street Bridge and even managed to squeeze in some arcade time at the worlds best bar, Logan Arcade.  After their charming lil’ ceremony, everybody wined, dined and primed themselves for dancing.  Groove is in the Heart Dj, Carrieanne, served the musical treats to keep those feet moving!  Congrats Hilja and Zach and thanks for asking me to photograph your wedding!


Zach and Hilja 0042

Zach and Hilja 0004

Zach and Hilja 0005

Zach and Hilja 0003Zach and Hilja 0041

Zach and Hilja 0040Zach and Hilja 0045

Zach and Hilja 0008

Zach and Hilja 0009

Zach and Hilja 0011

Zach and Hilja 0020

Zach and Hilja 0012

Zach and Hilja 0015

Zach and Hilja 0017

Zach and Hilja 0018

Zach and Hilja 0021

Zach and Hilja 0023

Zach and Hilja 0026

Zach and Hilja 0027

Zach and Hilja 0028

Zach and Hilja 0039

Zach and Hilja 0035

Zach and Hilja 0037

Zach and Hilja 0034

Zach and Hilja 0031

Zach and Hilja 0038Hilja and Zach 0116

Hilja and Zach 0115

Hilja and Zach 0117

Hilja and Zach 0124

Hilja and Zach 0122


Hilja and Zach 0126

Hilja and Zach 0127

Hilja and Zach 0128Hilja and Zach 0129

Hilja and Zach 0131

Hilja and Zach 0132

Hilja and Zach 0130

Hilja and Zach 0145

Hilja and Zach 0154

Hilja and Zach 0146

Hilja and Zach 0147

Hilja and Zach 0152

Hilja and Zach 0150

Hilja and Zach 0149

Hilja and Zach 0151Hilja and Zach 0155

Hilja and Zach 0158


Hilja and Zach 0156

Hilja and Zach 0159

Hilja and Zach 0160

Hilja and Zach 0162

Hilja and Zach 0161


Hilja and Zach 0163

Hilja and Zach 0171

Hilja and Zach 0168

Hilja and Zach 0174

Hilja and Zach 0173

Hilja and Zach 0166


Posted on October 20, 2016    
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Diane and Dagan were in town, from Vermont, to get married and they asked me to catch the day with my trusty camera.  We started out with a first look at Westin River North and then grabbed the bridal party, strolled around The River Walk and hung around on the Lasalle Street Bridge.  We headed to Gallery 1028 where Diane and Dagan caught up with family and friends and then came the ceremony.  They were married,  everybody dined, and Tim from Toast & Jam got everybody dancing.  Another smash hit of wedding!  Thanks, Diane and Dagan, for asking me to be a part of it!



Diane and Dagan 0001Diane and Dagan 0005
Diane and Dagan 0003Diane and Dagan 0004

Diane and Dagen 0008

Diane and Dagen 0009

Diane and Dagen 0007

Diane and Dagen 0011

Diane and Dagen 0013

Diane and Dagen 0015

Diane and Dagen 0017

Diane and Dagen 0021

Diane and Dagen 0023

Diane and Dagen 0016

Diane and Dagen 0025

Diane and Dagen 0028

Diane and Dagen 0026

Diane and Dagen 0029

Diane and Dagen 0030

Diane and Dagen 0032

Diane and Dagen 0041

Diane and Dagen 0034

Diane and Dagen 0035

Diane and Dagen 0038 Diane and Dagen 0039

Diane and Dagen 0037

Diane and Dagan 0006

Diane and Dagan 0007

Diane and Dagen 0042

Diane and Dagen 0043

Diane and Dagen 0044

Diane and Dagen 0045

diane dagan 0155

Diane and Dagen 0046

Diane and Dagen 0049

Diane and Dagen 0055
Diane and Dagen 0047

Diane and Dagen 0054

Diane and Dagen 0057

Diane and Dagen 0058Diane and Dagen 0053

Diane and Dagen 0051

Diane and Dagen 0064

Diane and Dagen 0059

Diane and Dagen 0061

Diane and Dagen 0062

Diane and Dagen 0074

Diane and Dagen 0071

Diane and Dagen 0068

Diane and Dagen 0069

Diane and Dagen 0066

Diane and Dagen 0065

Diane and Dagen 0067

Diane and Dagen 0075

Diane and Dagen 0070

Diane and Dagen 0072



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Stefanie and Nicole were married on a steamy August afternoon at the lovely Redfield Estate.  Their wedding was so much fun to shoot and it so cool to be a part of it! Nicole’s brother even busted into a killer Pee Wee Herman Dance at the reception.  What a night!  Thanks for asking me to photograph your wedding!



Stefanie and Nicole 001

Stefanie and Nicole 002

Stefanie and Nicole  083Stefanie and Nicole  082

Stefanie and Nicole  085Stefanie and Nicole 005

Stefanie and Nicole 008

Stefanie and Nicole 006

Stefanie and Nicole 009


Stefanie and Nicole 010

Stefanie and Nicole 012 Stefanie and Nicole 013

Stefanie and Nicole 014


Stefanie and Nicole 017

Stefanie and Nicole 027

Stefanie and Nicole 021

Stefanie and Nicole 018

Stefanie and Nicole 020

Stefanie and Nicole 025

Stefanie and Nicole 026

Stefanie and Nicole 028

Stefanie and Nicole 029 Stefanie and Nicole 030

Stefanie and Nicole 032

Stefanie and Nicole 033


Stefanie and Nicole 038 Stefanie and Nicole 039

Stefanie and Nicole 040

Stefanie and Nicole 041

Stefanie and Nicole 044

Stefanie and Nicole 034 Stefanie and Nicole 036 Stefanie and Nicole 047

Stefanie and Nicole 046

Stefanie and Nicole 051

Stefanie and Nicole 049

Stefanie and Nicole 050
Stefanie and Nicole 053
Stefanie and Nicole 054
Stefanie and Nicole 055
Stefanie and Nicole 056
Stefanie and Nicole 059
Stefanie and Nicole 057
Stefanie and Nicole 063
Stefanie and Nicole 068

Stefanie and Nicole 067
Stefanie and Nicole 070
Stefanie and Nicole 072
Stefanie and Nicole 074
Stefanie and Nicole 060
Stefanie and Nicole 076
Stefanie and Nicole 077
Stefanie and Nicole 064


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John and Allison were married at Honky Tonk’s Secret Garden in Pilsen and I was the lucky dude that photographed it.  We started out at their place, where they had their first looks of each other and then we paraded on down to the Garden where the guests were already waiting to witness this union.  It was great!  They kissed under an explosion of confetti, dined and danced into a sweaty frenzy.  This was such a cool and unique wedding and I’m honored to have been a part.  Way to go John and Allison!  Thanks for having me!
















Posted on May 1, 2016    
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John and Kristine are an awesome couple who were married at Salvage One this spring. I was the lucky guy that got to photograph their wedding day. Thanks so much, John and Kristine. You rule!


John and Kristine  001
John and Kristine  009John and Kristine  007
John and Kristine  011John and Kristine  013
John and Kristine  015
John and Kristine  017
John and Kristine  016
John and Kristine  019
John and Kristine  020
John and Kristine  021

Skillshot Reception126Skillshot Reception127

John and Kristine  023
John and Kristine  024

John and Kristine  028

Skillshot Reception129Skillshot Reception128
John and Kristine  032

Skillshot Reception131

Skillshot Reception130

Skillshot Reception132
John and Kristine  042
John and Kristine  043
John and Kristine  045
John and Kristine  048

John and Kristine  055

John and Kristine  054


John and Kristine  057

John and Kristine  059

Skillshot Reception133

Skillshot Reception134
John and Kristine  064
John and Kristine  066
John and Kristine  038
John and Kristine136

John and Kristine  069 John and Kristine  070

John and Kristine  087
John and Kristine  079
John and Kristine139John and Kristine140
John and Kristine138John and Kristine137

John and Kristine  086

John and Kristine  088

John and Kristine  091

John and Kristine  093John and Kristine  097 John and Kristine  099 John and Kristine  100 John and Kristine  101 John and Kristine  107 John and Kristine  108


John and Kristine  105

John and Kristine  106

John and Kristine  104


Billy and Maddie threw an awesome wedding party and it was so much fun top photograph! After shooting some engagement pics their favorite grocery store a few months ago, I knew this wedding would be out of the ordinary. Once they got themselves looking real sharp, Billy and Maddie caught their first looks of each other at Mary Bartelme Park, a favorite lunchtime spot of Maddie’s. We hung around the park’s urban landscape for a bit and then headed over to Prairie Production for the ceremony.  They kept the ceremony real short and got right down to business……ceremonial shots of Malort and a great big kiss!  After the ceremony everybody  filed inside to feast, drink up (on Billy’s homebrew) and party down.  Just before sunset, I snuck Billy and Maddie outside for a stroll around the block.  When we returned, everybody was ready to tear up the dance floor….and so they did.  This wedding was such a ripper!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!



Billy and Maddie 001
Billy and Maddie 036
Billy and Maddie 037

Billy and Maddie 002

Billy and Maddie 073
Billy and Maddie 003

Billy and Maddie 040

billy and maddie 000
Billy and Maddie 050billy and maddie 113

Billy and Maddie 042billy and maddie 114billy and maddie 101_1billy and maddie 115

Billy and Maddie 005billy and maddie 103_1billy and maddie 104_1
Billy and Maddie 004
Billy and Maddie 052
Billy and Maddie 006
Billy and Maddie 053
Billy and Maddie 007
Billy and Maddie 054billy and maddie 106_1
billy and maddie 105_1billy and maddie 125
Billy and Maddie 009
Billy and Maddie 010billy and maddie167
Billy and Maddie 057

Billy and Maddie 011
Billy and Maddie 012
Billy and Maddie 013
Billy and Maddie 014
Billy and Maddie 015
billy and maddie 117billy and maddie 116

billy and maddie 107_1billy and maddie 108_1Billy and Maddie 017
Billy and Maddie 016
Billy and Maddie 019billy and maddie 109_1
billy and maddie 110billy and maddie 112billy and maddie 111

Billy and Maddie 020
Billy and Maddie 021Billy and Maddie 096

Billy and Maddie 027
Billy and Maddie 032Billy and Maddie 102
Billy and Maddie 033
Billy and Maddie 024
Billy and Maddie 026
Billy and Maddie 031Billy and Maddie 104
Billy and Maddie 030
Billy and Maddie 029
Billy and Maddie 023

billy and maddie 118

Billy and Maddie 103

billy and maddie 123Billy and Maddie 028

billy and maddie 120Billy and Maddie 035