Kara and Trent were married earlier this month….in Tucson AZ. I could’t wait to bolt outta the cold, gray and snowy trappings of pre-spring Chicago so I could hang with a super fun couple and their buddies in the (usually) sun drenched Southwest Desert. The Wedding took place in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains at an illustrious estate called The 5600.
While family members beautified the back yard with Trent and Kara’s handmade decorations,   heads were spinning inside the house as the bridal party hammed it up in a mirrored hallway. Then,  the young lovebirds and I took a quick stroll among the cacti for a few portraits just before a storm rolled in.

A bit of rain began to fall and we all nervously awaited the outdoor ceremony that was about to take place. The big moment arrived and suddenly the rain stopped and a sliver of sunshine magically beamed above Kara and Trent.  They exchanged vows, smiles and a big smooch and all was good.  Suddenly the rain fell down again.  It was the perfect cue to send the guests toward the bar for a big ol’, tropically decorated beverage.

After some cocktails, everybody feasted on an amazing dinner that Kara’s brother Kevin single-handedly catered.  Cake was cut and an indulgent spread of dessert, including homemade Pop Tarts on a stick,  were gobbled down.

As the mercury fell in the evening air of the dessert, Nobunny took the stage and worked the crowd into a heart warming, booty quaking frenzy of everyones favorite Rock N Roll oldies.

After the dance party, the guests perched and posed  for a photo on the paper moon that Kara and Trent’s friend Joe built .

I was so lucky to get to travel and be a part of Kara and Trent’s incredibly fun and super cool wedding!