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Month: August 2012


Posted on August 15, 2012    Tags: , ,
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Filming of The Poisoner has come to an end.  I already miss being able to pace around a film set with a camera.  Watch for it to hit a big screen a few months from now.  Meanwhile feast your eyes on some of Chirs Hefner’s other work here:



Filmmaker, Chris Hefner, sprinkles movie dust onto the set.





Sara Engel molded a huge pile of prop pistols.




Here’s Sara with some of those guns.


Ryan Shuquem receives a surprise package.




This film was made pretty intimately. I’m pretty sure that most of the cast and crew are pictured here.



Andrew Morgan of Little Cabin Films handled the cinematography. His lighting expertise made it pretty easy for me to simply walk around the set and snap some good looking photos.


Here’s Chris giving Meredith some direction.



The director with the leading man and leading woman.



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My dear friends, Mark and Alison, asked me to shoot their wedding….and hold down a groomsman position.  Not knowing how this would be possible, I said “hell yeah!” and ordered a remote  control thingy so I can include myself in a few photos.  The wedding is taking place  at and around a barn in Indiana, their will be fireworks involved and my beloved friends can party in ways that most folks just don’t know how to.  I would be heartbroken if I couldn’t run around this wedding with a camera!

Alison James (soon to be Mckenzie) designed and screen printed the invitation pictured below.  They’re among the coolest wedding invitations that I’ve ever seen and if you’re lucky, she might provide a service for the general public one day.