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Posted on January 3, 2013    Tags: , , , ,
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Way back in December of 2012, folks believed that the End Days were upon us. Chris Hefner painted this badass end of the world snow globe backdrop and we set it up in a corner of The Kimball Arts Center as part of a benefit to fund the final touches of Chris’ film, The Poisoner. The end of the wold jitters seemed to make everyone real drunk and sloppy and our beautiful backdrop eventually came tumbling down. Fortunately, the real globe is still hanging and The Poisoner will be upon us shortly.  The official trailer was released today.  See it here!




Posted on August 15, 2012    Tags: , ,
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Filming of The Poisoner has come to an end.  I already miss being able to pace around a film set with a camera.  Watch for it to hit a big screen a few months from now.  Meanwhile feast your eyes on some of Chirs Hefner’s other work here:



Filmmaker, Chris Hefner, sprinkles movie dust onto the set.





Sara Engel molded a huge pile of prop pistols.




Here’s Sara with some of those guns.


Ryan Shuquem receives a surprise package.




This film was made pretty intimately. I’m pretty sure that most of the cast and crew are pictured here.



Andrew Morgan of Little Cabin Films handled the cinematography. His lighting expertise made it pretty easy for me to simply walk around the set and snap some good looking photos.


Here’s Chris giving Meredith some direction.



The director with the leading man and leading woman.




Chris Hefner began shooting his new feature film, The Poisoner, last week.  I loitered around the set while some fantastically spooky images were  constructed all around us.  The first day of shooting took place at the endangered Portage Theater and carried on to a former furniture factory in Jefferson Park that has become the film’s production house.  I’m looking forward to dropping in on the set in the future and seeing what kind of monster it will become!