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Month: December 2015


Posted on December 10, 2015    Tags:
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Amber and Jon are getting married in May! We recently met for a fun engagement shoot that started at their apartment.   We tried to work their skittish little cat, Butters, into the pics and managed to get just  a few before little Butters slipped away.  Good job Butters!  Then we took a stroll over to Winnemac Park for some shots in the autumnal sunset.  Amber has a background in improv and was not afraid to get a little silly.  I love when that happens!  I can’t wait to shoot Amber and Jon’s wedding in a few months!



Amber and Jon 001

Amber and Jon 017

Amber and Jon 002

Amber and Jon 003

Amber and Jon 004

Amber and Jon 005

Amber and Jon 006

Amber and Jon 007

Amber and Jon 008

Amber and Jon 009

Amber and Jon 011

Amber and Jon 010

Amber and Jon 015

Amber and Jon 016

Amber and Jon 013




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This past weekend marked the 3rd annual Krampusnact celebration in Chicago.  The party started with a costumed procession from Maria’s Packaged Goods to  The Co-Prosperity Sphere, a couple blocks away.  The place was packed with Krampus related art, games and costumed monsters artists like  EC Brown, Stephanie Burke, Justine Harlan, Angela Lopez, Celeste Neuhaus, Kevin Jennings, Frank Pollard and Catie Olson, a photo booth by Rebecca Hinsdale.  There was plenty of glogg, beer and sausages for everybody’s face.  The partying and dancing went on until late into the night and I can’t wait to do it again next year!  Go Here to view the full gallery.



Krampus 2015 146
Krampus 2015 131

Krampus 2015 129Krampus 2015 130
Krampus 2015 134
Krampus 2015 132

Krampus 2015 133


Krampus 2015 136
Krampus 2015 135

Krampus 2015 140

Krampus 2015 137

Krampus 2015 145

Krampus 2015 141

Krampus 2015 139


Krampus 2015 138

Krampus 2015 142