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Month: November 2011


Posted on November 30, 2011    Tags: , , , ,
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Chris Hefner (the fellow pictured below),  is in the pre-production phase of his new feature film, The Poisoner.  We built this  paper…..well… plywood, really… moon and set it up as a sort of photo booth at The Everleigh Social Club during a fundraising event for the film’s budget.  Check out a more robust selection of the photos here:




Posted on November 16, 2011    Tags: ,
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Crown Tap Room in Logan Square was transformed into a the kind of  holiday hell house that could only be built from the dreams of one serious Halloweener.  That ‘Ween dreamer was none other than Shana East.   Cover bands included The Damned, The Cramps , Devo and GG Allin (with whom I had the pleasure of playing bass!)  The best costume award went to a large pile of trash (pictured below).