Seek shelter!  Everybody ducked and covered as they bolted towards the doors of Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro on this stormy evening.  The guests settled into their seats as Nora’s dad led her down the aisle and into the arms of her decorated man, Mike.  A bit of rain began to fall indoors (in the form of joyous tears, that is!) as our beautiful couple giggled and sniffled through their vows.  The lovely little flower girls insisted on playing a bigger role in the ceremony by dancing about, rolling around and singing, causing lots of laughs…until grandad whisked them away….for a few minutes anyway.  Once the nuptials were sealed with a kiss, the flower girls made sure that our newlyweds found their way over to the cocktail area.  After many hugs and well wishes were given and received, all of the guests indulged in an awesome selection of beers and some of Mrs. Murphy’s finest grub. Sweetie Pies supplied a decadent array of miniature cupcakes  that were quickly gobbled up.  Each flavor  was outstanding but the candied bacon cupcakes seemed to be the winner…duh!  It finally stopped raining outside so the couple and I quickly slipped outside for a few pictures and returned for a bit of dancing as the evening came to a close.  Thanks to Nora and Mike for choosing me to document such a delightful, laid back and intimate wedding!


Nora and Mike01
Nora and Mike20Nora and Mike21
Nora and Mike03
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