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Posted on November 4, 2012    Tags: ,
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A few of my homies stopped by on Halloween.  They all had pretty damn good costumes so I rolled down the seamless backdrop, turned on a couple lights and stuck those costumed people in front of the immortalization machine.




Posted on October 31, 2012    Tags:
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Way back in the primordial dawn of my photography school education,  I was seriously hell-bent on making every one of my photos look like it was a still from some sort of campy horror flick.  My good buddy and roommate, Darrell, lived through this nightmare and was a helluva trooper!  He’d wake up at ungodly hours of the morning and bend over backwards in a diaper for the sake of my school art projects.   Like most shoddy movies, I’m not really sure what it was all about but I sure am glad that it’s over.





Posted on October 2, 2012    
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Pale Hands I Loved is Meredith Miller’s cabaret revue that was recently featured at Links Hall. The 10 acts were packed with gloom, hilarity, grotesquery, beauty, nostalgia, entertainment and some downright catchy tunes. Be on the lookout for Meredith’s starring role in the upcoming film, The Poisoner.




Posted on February 24, 2012    Tags: , , , ,
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My dream of touring the factory of the last pinball giant has finally been fulfilled.  I got to roam the Melrose Park facility and test out their new AC/DC pinball machine.  A handful of the photos that I snapped ran alongside a feature article that Miles Raymer wrote for The Chicago Reader.  Check it out here!



Posted on November 30, 2011    Tags: , , , ,
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Chris Hefner (the fellow pictured below),  is in the pre-production phase of his new feature film, The Poisoner.  We built this  paper…..well… plywood, really… moon and set it up as a sort of photo booth at The Everleigh Social Club during a fundraising event for the film’s budget.  Check out a more robust selection of the photos here:




Posted on September 16, 2011    
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There it went….again.  These were shot with a little plastic underwater camera that I found at a convenience store for 10 bucks.  I really dig the grain, color distortion and vignetting.



Posted on August 24, 2011    
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Took a real long route along the shores of two Great Lakes to shoot Kate and Mark’s wedding in Detroit.  I’ll post some wedding highlights real soon.