Here are some pics from a psyched-out nutzoid show that happened at Reggies a couple weeks back.  First, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate  bashed through some spaced out punk jams, then Killer Moon oozed some droney, tripped out tunes, and then Nik Turner’s Hawkwind  hit the stage. I love the Hawkwind of the yesteryears and heard that there were currently two versions of this legendary band touring and fighting over who gets to be called Hawkwind so who knew if this would be any good.  Man!  This thing floored me.  Nik’s band was composed of some dudes from a bunch of classic British punk bands and they totally ripped through a ton of Hawkwind’s Space Ritual era songs.  It was so unbelievably good, it cruised along for at least an hour and a half, and I was really sad that it ended.  I can’t wait to see David Brock’s Hawkwind in March!